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27 Dec 2021

The Winter Food For Your Skin

Winters are harsh on the skin! If you don’t take care, then your skin starts becoming dry, flaky, and often sheds. This is not the time when you leave your skin alone to wither. You need to take care and bring back the nourishment that has been missing. In order to do that, you need to follow a winter ritual that is ideal for your skin. The easy way to go about it is to divide your day in parts and follow the protocol without skipping it.

Exfoliate Before You Moisturize

winter Skin Care

In winters, we all assume that moisturizing is the most important thing. But, let’s break the myth here. Exfoliating is as important as moisturizing. During winters, your skin is unable to function properly as a barrier against the winds of change and so the protection decreases and dead skin starts to show up.

Let’s go by simple logic. If you want to improve or beautify something then you need to clean it first, right? So, for that, you need to exfoliate your skin such that it is free of any dirt or pollutants. You can find a charcoal face wash for men to deep cleanse your skin.

If you want to nourish your skin properly, then only exfoliating can help. Because it allows your skin care products to settle down easily in the skin as the pores are now free of any impurities. Depending on your skin type, you can find the best face wash for pimples and dark spots.

Pamper Your Skin As Winters Are Harsh On It

Pamper skin

Once your skin base is ready, then you should moisturize it using a face cream for men. It will lock your skin pores and avoid any dirt from entering into the skin. Your skin is protected against UV rays and you are ready to go out and rule the day.

Bring Back The Softness Of Your Lips

Softness lips

When the weather is cold, your lips’ moisture goes for a toss. You have chapped lips 24/7 and believe it or not, no one likes it. Your lips eat, drink, speak, smoke, feel, etc. They do so much and if you don’t do anything for them in this harsh season, then it is a bit unfair, right?

A little care won’t hurt if you do not wish to go through the pain of cracked or bleeding lips. For this, you can use a specially designed lip balm for men or any lip lightening balm for that matter. It will shield your lips from the cold winter winds. As a ground rule, carry your lip balm wherever you go. After all, it is the final touch to your perfectly nourished winter look!

Revive Your Skin For The Next Day

Revive your skin

When you are back home and just waiting to hit your bed, remember your skin needs to rest too! Get up and wash the ‘tiring day’ off your face. A lukewarm shower also helps a lot. Now is the time when your skin needs extra care so that it can rest and rejuvenate for the next day!

Just take 4-5 drops of Vitamin C Face Serum on your palm and gently apply it on your skin. It is the perfect formula to keep your skin free of any fine lines or dryness.

It hydrates the skin from within as it contains natural ingredients such as aloe vera extracts that help in healing the skin. It not only removes the dead skin cells but also promotes flexibility.

Don’t think of it as extra work. It is the effort you need to take to help your skin survive the harshness of winters. You have to make a choice because skin care is not an overnight process. It needs some dedication but the process can become effortless if you know which products are the best for your skin.

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