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Should Men Use The Same Hair Removal Products As Women?

02 Feb 2022
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Should Men Use The Same Hair Removal Products As Women?

Hair Removal is a matter of choice but has been going on since ages and it is done for various reasons be it, hygienic, sexual, medical or aesthetic. It is mostly post puberty that men tend to grow thicker and denser hair. And, as they age they only get hairier. Sad but a fact! It is important to address it as soon as possible or else your own body hair can become a problem for you.

Pay heed to it at the right time or else bad odor, itching, infections, constant sweating and more are all coming your way! So, start looking after your grooming needs from now on. The easiest way to go about it is using Hair Removal Spray for men which is an innovative product and can help you get rid of unwanted hair in a painless way!

How is Hair Removal Spray better than other hair removal methods?

Here’s a sneak peek to help you understand better:


Waxing is a great way to remove body hair as it removes the hair from the roots and they take longer to grow back. Since hair growth is very different when it comes to men and women. Women tend to have softer and less body hair while men have harder, thicker and denser hair growth which makes waxing more of a challenge for men. 

In fact, its immense pain often gives goosebumps to men just when they think of removing their chest or leg hair. Seems like a nightmare, right?


Trimming is good but it only minimizes hair length and gives a sense of relief for a short period. Moreover, it does not remove the hair completely. When the hair regrows, they are hard and rough which is even worse.

Waxing and Trimming - hair removal cream urbangabru


Shaving is tricky especially when it comes to removing public hair. There can be cuts, itching, dryness and even pimples at times which are not good for the skin. When you shave, you need to be careful of the cuts or else it will result in bleeding and even infections in the worst cases. Moreover, the hair often regrows in no time.

Hair removal creams

It is embarrassing for men to use female hair removal creams to fulfill their grooming needs. It is important to understand that the skin of men and women are different and therefore needs to be treated differently. If you continue to use hair removal creams there are high chances that there can be blisters on the skin because most of them are chemical based and often contain bleaching agents.

But when it comes to the hair removal spray for men, you don’t have to worry about any of these issues. This is exactly the product that you have always wanted. This natural hair removal cream for men is a one-stop solution to all your hair removal problems.

Shaving and  hair removal cream  - urbangabru

The benefits are endless but just to name a few :

● Can be used in intimate areas

● Easy to use

● Does not darken your skin in fact de-tans skin

● Does not produce any bad smell

● Made with natural ingredients like aloe vera and lemon extracts

● Painless and effortless solution

● Specially designed for men

● Hair regrowth takes longer

How to use men's hair removal cream?

How to Use hair removal cream  - Urbangabru

Spray the hair away in a painless way and get ready to flaunt your body in 4 easy steps : 

● Keep the bottle 10-15 cm away and spray it on the skin

● Wait for 8-10 minutes

● Under running water, use a spatula in the opposite direction of hair growth

● Get rid of unwanted hair in a painless way

With this spray, hair removal has become easier than ever. It is painless, does not darken the skin, does not lead to any cuts, and smells great! The product is totally worth buying as it is an innovative solution to your hair removal problem.

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