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Hair Removal Spray: Is it Safe, is it Painful, and More

18 Feb 2022
Hair removal spray

Hair Removal Spray: Is it safe, is it Painful, and More

Hair is a boon or a bane? Well, the right amount of hair at the right places is a boon while the ones in unwanted areas are certainly a bane! Even if the hybrid model is in place, looking neat does not have to fall on the back foot, right? It is essential regardless. Removing hair at home can be a task especially when it comes to that bushy hair on the chest, leg, arms, or pubes

Is Hair Removal at Home Safe?

There are a number of ways that you can think of to remove your hair, be it shaving, hair removal cream for men, trimming, waxing, etc. But, wait a minute, are they all safe?

Shaving is an easy way to remove unwanted hair at home but when you dig in deeper, you will understand that it can lead to cuts. Also, regrowth of hair happens in no time so you are back to square one with the same problem to remove the unwanted hair.

Men’s hair removal creams are also often an option that men resort to but does it offer the right solution? Give it a second thought! hair removal cream for men is easy to apply and remove but those few minutes when they sit on your skin, they do more than just removing hair. They contain harmful chemicals which often react with the skin and lead to burns or blisters in worst cases.

So, before jumping to any conclusion give it a thought. Not all products are safe for your skin. It is good to groom yourself but not at the cost of your skin, right? Then what is the safest way to go about it?

Find Out What Natural Hair Removal Spray has in Store For You

Natural Hair Removal Spray - Avoid Rashesh

UrbanGabru innovated a natural hair removal spray for men’s skin. It brings with it the goodness of natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Lemon extracts.

All you need to do is just spray it like a deodorant. Keep the bottle 10-15 cm away from the body and spray. Wait for 10-12 minutes and let it do its work. Post which, take a spatula and remove the hair under running water and in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Hair Removal at Home Safe

The spray is convenient to use and the brownie points for the fact that it can be used to remove hair from sensitive areas like intimate regions or armpits as well. Moreover, like most men’s hair removal creams, this spray does not darken the skin. In fact, it de-tans it. 

However, Here are a Few Things To Keep in Mind :

Hair Removal at Home Safe
  • When you spray it, don't keep it for more than 15 minutes. Remove hair in the opposite direction of hair growth and under running water to avoid rashes.

  • Do not spray it in areas where you have cuts or pimples.

  • Before spraying it on a complete section, it is essential to do a patch test 24 hours earlier.

  • Do not use the spray to remove facial hair.

And, you are good to go!

You’ll see that this UrbanGabru Hair Removal Spray will be a one-stop solution for all your hair removal problems. It gives instant results in a painless way!

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