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3 Simple Ways To Use Hair Powder For Men

18 Jan 2022
Dust it

3 Simple Ways To Use Hair Powder For Men

When it comes to hairstyling, you might have come across innumerable products from gel to wax to cream to serums but is there something that beats the race? Yes. Specially innovated hair powder for men leaves all the products behind. It not only adds a layer of volume to your hair but also gives an extra push to your identity with its 24-hour hold and matte finish.

Who should use this hair styling powder?

Hair volume powder is for anyone and everyone who wishes to add volume to their hair and a charm to their personality. Whether you have thin or thick hair, the powder is a go-to choice for your hairstyle. It works well to give volume to thin hair and a finish to thick hair.

Hair styling powder

If you have an oval face cut then pompadour and slick back are ideally your go-to haircuts. Similarly, for a circular face your haircut is slick side or an angular fringe while for a trapezoid face cut, generally it is quiff or taper fade. Once you are ready with your haircut, sprinkle the hair volume powder and use a straight or a roller comb to set it straight or curve it.

To add a cherry on top of the cake, try aligning your beard with your haircut and you’ll own every space you step into!

How to use it?

As the tagline suggests, just ‘Dust it, Set it & Forget it!’ There are 3 simple steps to use this Hair powder for men.

Hair styling powder

First, keep your hair dry

Damp hair and powder are not best friends, unfortunately! If you apply the powder on damp hair, it can form lumps and no one wants to deal with it.

Second, sprinkle the powder twice

Nothing more, nothing less because you should know when to stop. Do not pour the hair powder for volume. Twice is enough. Be ready with the style in your head before you are actually going to sprinkle the powder. It instantly starts adding volume to your hair so you need to run your fingers or a comb in a way you wish your hairstyle to hold.

If your hair is longer or heavier then sprinkle a little more and follow the same process to set your hair. In a few seconds, you will get everything from volume to texture to finish.

Third, style it with a comb or fingers

Keep in mind that you do not have to sit back and relax. As soon as you sprinkle it, you need to set your hair or else your hair will start catching the volume and become stiff before you could give them a desired hairstyle.

Use a straight or roller comb to style your hair the way you want to. If you have long hair then use a straight comb and if you have short hair then go for a roller comb. Once you set them, they are going to stay as is the whole day so you don’t have to worry about re-styling them again and again.

How to remove it?

If you are using it, you should also know how to remove it correctly. This powder wax for hair is water resistant to give you the best look for the day. Therefore, it does not come off simply with water. It needs shampoo. When you are back home after a long day, you need to wash your hair off with shampoo so that it does not build up on the roots.

As an added tip, moisturize your scalp often. Oil your hair every few days to avoid any dryness on the scalp due to the powder.

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