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16 Dec 2021

Use The First-Ever Natural Powder To Add Volume To Your Hair

Are you noticing a receding hairline? Every morning when you comb your hair, do you see them tangled on your comb or falling off on the ground? Does it stress you even more?

First things first, you need to calm yourself down. Stress is not going to regrow your hair. But there are ways that can help.

First-Ever Natural Powder

Hair loss is a different phenomena altogether when it comes to men vs women. In men, balding is often noticed in their early to mid thirties. The hair fall pattern goes from temples to the crown. If you have started noticing a receding hairline in your twenties already then you should keep the stress level aside and start taking action towards it immediately.

Reasons for hair fall can be many. Your lifestyle, unhealthy diet, improper sleeping patterns, overthinking, taking too much stress, not exercising at all, hormonal imbalance and even hereditary. Everything contributes to it.

You can’t rewind or undo things for sure but you can start taking care at this very moment. So, begin with setting some ground rules.

  • Start meditating for 10 to 15 minutes every day to relax your mind.

  • Go for a jog or run in the morning to improve the blood circulation in your body.

    (If you can’t afford much time, just keep 20-25 minutes aside for a healthier you).

  • Replace junk food with necessary nutrients that are constantly missing in your diet and stop skipping meals

  • Involve natural substitutes of zinc, protein, biotin and iron in your diet.

  • Keep yourself hydrated.

  • For a while, go by the mantra that ‘Saturday night is champi night!’

First-Ever Natural Powder

(PS: We all love to party but health comes first!)

You can use onion oil to massage your scalp, get rid of infections and improve the strength of your hair strands. As a golden rule, stick to natural solutions because haircare is not an overnight process. Keep in mind that staying consistent is not a choice!

You can go ahead with Jadibuti Hair Growth Oil as it will help to improve your hair growth and minimize hair fall. Keep it overnight and let it do its work. The next day, wash it off with a paraben and sulphate free shampoo such as Jadibuti Hair Shampoo to continue your hair care cycle.

Meanwhile, these natural processes and your consistency are showing results, you can’t stop your regular chores, right? So, there is a solution for that too so that you never lose your confidence.

First-Ever Natural Powder before after

You can use UrbanGabru Hair Volumizing Powder to add volume to your hair and set it right. It is the best hair powder for men now in India.

This powder hair wax is specially innovated in a way that it is 100% natural. This is the first ever hair styling powder in India that instantly adds volume to your hair without harming them. It complements your style and boosts your confidence to give your personality a better definition.

Not just that, it helps you stand apart from the crowd so that you can break free from your inner fears and rule the day that you are out for!

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