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05 Jan 2022

What Is Hair Volume Powder?

Earlier men’s hairstyling was not paid much heed to but that’s not the case right now. It has unlocked a whole new world because hairstyling has more to do than just oil and a comb to give the famous side-parted mama’s boy look. Eventually, this look was replaced by silky long hair with the help of blow dryers, shampoos and conditioners entering the market.


Since then, hairstyling has been evolving and now it has become a thing. When brands across the globe learnt this, they started bombarding the space with endless products such as creams, gel, wax, serums, and whatnot.



However, these products did more harm than good. Apart from the chemicals involved in their formulation, they left the youngsters confused. Such that discovering the right product from the plethora of products available became a challenge. But there is always that one product that you can stick to.




Find Out What is Hair Volumizing Powder Wax?

Considering these innumerable products in the market, UrbanGabru innovated a solution that instantly adds volume to your hair. ‘Hair Volumizing Powder Wax- Dust it, Set it & Forget it’ is a one-stop solution for those who love styling their hair but are looking for something that does not damage them at the same time.





All you need to do is sprinkle it twice on your hair and set them using your fingers. Once your hair is set, you are done for the day. You don’t have to worry about setting them again.





This hair powder for men contains the goodness of aloe vera, keratin and argan oil which makes it the best solution for styling your hair in a harmless way.

Not just that, this hair styling powder is good for all hair lengths, be it short, medium or long. It keeps your hair frizz-free and non-greasy for 24 hours in style!





 How Is It Better Than Other Hair Styling Products? 

Hair styling product us better

It styles your hair in seconds unlike a hair styling kit that takes longer than ever to set your hair. Moreover, using multiple products on hair is not good for your hair health. This volumizing powder is a single replacement for the complete kit and that too a natural one. It is completely safe for daily use and does not leave your hair sticky.






It is lightweight and can be carried easily to any place. You need an absolute minimum of its light powder granules to style your hair. The packaging of this hair volumizing powder is designed in such a way that it becomes convenient to use as well as easy to carry.







It is water resistant unlike hair wax which is mostly water soluble. Once you apply it, the hair style will stay as it is for the entire day. It neither leaves your hair rough nor does it cause any hair fall later.








In addition to that, no one is really fond of a shiny or wet look because subtle is the new classy. Everyone prefers a matte finish when it comes to their hairstyles.









Benefits of Using Hair Powder for Men

The benefits that this pack of hair volumizing powder brings are limitless. All you need to do is sprinkle it twice on your hair and style them with a comb or fingers and you are done for the day.


1. Gives a strong hold

2. Doesn’t make your hair sharp or pointy

3. Maintains a frizz-free look all day

4. Does not harm your hair

5. Instantly adds volume to your hair

6. Smells good










How To Use It?

Hair styling product how to use

Don’t stress out, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. The best way to use it is:


1. Keep your hair dry,

2. Sprinkle it twice on your hair, and

3. Style with a comb or fingers











The application is hassle-free because you directly sprinkle it on your hair without leaving your hands messy.











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