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21 Jun 2021

Professional Hair Wax And Hair Spray

Being a guy, trying multiple hairstyles becomes a struggle at times due to the hair length or texture. Therefore, that urge to at least get your favorite hairstyle right on spot must be fulfilled.

We all know styling hair doesn’t require just water anymore, there is a need for professional care to give that hairstyle a long-lasting finish. So, Urbangabru brings to our carefully designed professional combo. It includes infinity hair wax that lasts for infinite moments. And the other product is our frozt spray, which secures your hairstyle for a perfect finish.

Before you buy these, let us tell you why they are so great.

infinity wax and frozt spray

How To Use It?

Step 1 : Take some amount of hair wax in your palms.

Step 2 : Rub it between your palms.

Step 3 : Apply and start styling from the back.

Step 4 : Let it stay for 2-3minutes.

Step 5 : Hold the hair spray approx. 15cm away and use.

Step 6 : Allow it to dry for a final finished look.

Suitable For Multiple Hair Types

Curly hair

For curly hair, the hair wax firmly holds the strands and doesn’t cause frizziness. The wax adjusts properly the way you move your fingers and style them. The no-gas hair spray secures the curls 24hrs long. The best hairstyle you can do with curly hair is a messy one, it goes on multiple looks and exudes a unique personality.

Straight hair

For straight hair, especially when you are going for a spiky or comb-over hairstyle it is important that your hair looks settled and clean. This hair wax gives that expected finish without making it look sticky, in fact, it offers a matte finish. While the hair spray strongly secures that hairstyle and complements the wax.

hair types


Urbangabru offers products that are made from natural ingredients so they don’t cause any reaction, side-effect, or damage to your hair.

 -        Earth clay
 -      Almond oil

  -      Vitamin E


 -        Vitamin E
 -      Vitamin C

  -      Aloe vera

How is It Different From Others?

          Long-lasting hold

The hair wax and hair spray are designed to make your hairstyle easier & better. It will allow you to explore multiple hairstyles and also provide a perfect hold throughout the day.

          No dryness/frizziness/damage

With the goodness of aloe vera, vitamins, earth clay, and much more these hair styling products work on your hair professionally without causing any damage, dryness, or frizziness.


You don’t have to put an extra effort into removing the Urbangabru hair wax or the essence of hair spray from your hair. Just wash it with water, and you are all done!

          Quick-drying formula

It just takes a few seconds for the hair wax or hair spray to dry up, so you can carry on with your routine. You don’t have to wait much to spray, the wax too settles in your hair quickly.

          Suits multiple hair textures

The Urbangabru men's hair wax and hair spray are formulated to work on all hair textures, so it doesn’t matter if your hair is rough, sensitive, or too smooth, this wax will surely give a perfect hold.


Quick tip: We care for your hair, therefore, even though our products are natural, we recommend you to not use them on the scalp. Just apply it to the hair strands.

Hair styling combo

Hairstyles You Can Try Using This Combo

          Comb over hairstyle

Rub the wax in your palms and apply it to your hair in a backward motion. Take all your hair back just like we do when making a ponytail. Then with a thin comb or brush, set them properly, you should get a sleek, fine-finished appeal. Let the wax dry up. Then secure the hairstyle with frozt hair spray.

         Short spiky hair

For a short spiky hairstyle, pick some strands of your shorthair and set them up, make sure you don’t do this for all of them. Only some hair, there should be a little messy appeal coming.


Try these amazing hairstyles and explore the world of grooming. With Urbangabru nothing can stop your success. 

Break the boundaries!

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