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04 Jun 2021


You might have tried multiple hairstyles, beard styles, and looks, but only a certain one suits you. This does not mean you will not explore multiple styles, but just know which one suits the best according to your personality.

We all have a different personality and to highlight it correctly mixing and maintaining styles that symbolize one feel is important. Therefore, in this blog, we will discuss multiple hairstyles and beard styles for different personalities. 

Oh, don't worry, you will enjoy the blog. So, let's get on with it.


Categorizing personalities might be hard as everyone has a different one, 

but we have simplified them into 3 according to their dressing styles.



The people with this personality usually wear basics, simple clothes whether going to work, college, or for a casual outing. By saying basics, I don’t mean dull and boring, but instead plain and stylish.

To explain it better let me give you an example, In the film Tamasha, Ranbir Kapoor in the first half wore a basic white shirt, striped jacket, and other plain shirts with a jacket and complementing bottoms.

He had, mid-fade haircut with a side-parted slick back hairstyle. The beard was stubble which completely suited that personality type.

Therefore, our recommendation would be either a short spiky hairstyle or a side-parted slick back. For the beard, stubble beard is the best suited for this personality.



The people with this kind of personality generally wear T-shirts with messages or graphics. The target on wearing more colors, shades, sneakers. This is generally seen in people who are teenagers in college.

For this example, Ranbir Kapoor in Wake up Sid movie. He wore the look I said above with blue jeans and an angular fringe spiky hairstyle. He was mostly clean shaved or with a stubble beard.

For people with such personality, you can go with angular fringe, undercut, textured curly undercut, or a quiff hairstyle.  For beard styles, stubble or clean shaved will go well.


      These personality people usually wear a rough look. Ripped jeans, bands, T-shirts under a shirt, boots, and much more. This is generally seen in people with an artistic profession.

      For this example, Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar. Oh no, I am not his fan, but with versatile roles, it was just easy to explain.

      So, he had multiple hairstyles in this film from short to long side-parted to shoulder length wavy hair.

       For you, we would suggest, long undercut, bun, short spiky hairstyle, and messy curls. The beard can be from stubble to mid-grown beard. Just don’t shape it, let the look be rough.



      For people with such personality who generally dress us in formals, or with chinos and plain shirt depicting a formal appeal, this tip is for you.

      An example for this would be Ranbir Kapoor in Rajneeti movie, he followed a side-parted comb over hairstyle with clean shaved.

       For you, a mid-grown beard can also work, or even stubble or clean shaved. The hairstyle that will suit best will be a comb-over or long slick back hair. A short spiky hairstyle will also work.


Being classy does not only concern your clothing but also your behavior of how you walk and talk. You need to be confident, humble, and respectable. You need to know that no matter what you can break any boundaries that stop you from succeeding.

Another part of this is, for maintaining all those hair and beard styles you need some grooming help. Not to be promotional but Urbangabru infinity wax literally gives you a solid long-lasting hold, no matter whatever hairstyle you want.

To secure that amazing hairstyle you can use frozt spray, or if you have a dry scalp you can apply hair serum to smoothen the strands. But make sure you apply the serum before applying wax and after the shampoo when your hair is dry.

Lastly for the beard, if it’s itchy, frizzy, or dry, the beard growth booster oil will nourish it. And just like the name suggests it will definitely help it grow.

Just remember whatever style you try, carry it with confidence. Nothing can stop you other than you, yourself.

So, break the boundaries with Urbangabru!

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