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25 May 2021


There are days when you are tired, irritated, and don’t want to spend your mind thinking about what to wear today. Therefore, having some basics in your wardrobe always helps. There are some wardrobe essentials that can make your life easy. You wouldn’t have to put too much thought into what to wear, plus these essentials can work for multiple events.

So, without further delay, let’s go on with this blog!


  • Basic Black/White T-shirt

A basic black or white t-shirt probably if it’s V-neck will work for any event. If you are going to a big party a blazer on it will do. If it’s friday and work again it will work, or if it’s a weekday, this basic t-shirt with brown chinos will give you a great semi-formal look. Monte Carlo has really comfortable t-shirts. You can buy it here.

  • Light Blue Plain/Ripped Jeans

Light blue jeans will work with all kinds of shirts, whether your pairing blue with blue or going with a contrasting shade like black, olive green or brown. Blue jeans is the answer to all. The only thing you will have to decide is either to pick the ripped one or the plain one according to the place or event you are dressing up for. You can buy multiple styles from your favorite brand on Myntra.

  • Straight Trousers

When talking about straight trousers, chinos do include in that. A pair of straight trousers is your go-to clothing when going for any formal or semi-formal look. Shades like gray and brown are the most trending, black and blue are definitely the basics of trousers but to be more stylish you got to follow the trends. Marks & Spencer bottoms are really good for long-term usage. You can buy it here.

  • Chinese Collared Shirts

A lot many people might take it casually but there is a huge difference between the looks that a classic collar or a Chinese/Mandarin collar creates. A Chinese collar is something that gives you a subtle clean look even when you are going to a party or dressing up for work. You should definitely try and revamp your closet with these. We would recommend Highlander shirt. You can buy it here.

  • White Sneakers

White sneakers are getting trendy now, even for a formal look, white sneakers work well with a blazer. You can easily pair up white sneakers with any t-shirt, shirt, or blazer for casual or semi-formal attire. Make sure you pair the colors right with it. We would recommend H/M sneakers. You can buy it here.

  • Loafers

Since white sneakers might not be able to provide you with a complete formal look having loafers is a must. Loafers will not just advantage you for the formal attire but also work when you are dressing casual or semi-formal. Pick a shade like dark brown that goes well with multiple outfits. We would refer Provogue loafers for these. You can buy it here.


Many people want to have multiple colors in their closet but they end up buying the same colors they had, again and again, due to their likeness towards them. The studies have shown that generally, they are white, black, or gray. But what you need to know is that there are some underrated colors that are not only classy but will offer you a fresh look. These colors will go for any kind of event. Just make sure you incorporate these colors in your wardrobe as shirts, since a t-shirt might not work for all kinds of events, and buying bottoms of colors like these might look funny.

  • Coffee Brown Color Shirt

You can team it with multiple colors like black, gray, blue, or white jeans. If going for trousers gray or black might be best suited. This Roadster shirt is amazing, check it out. 

  • Light Blue Color Shirt

A light blue color shirt is well-known when it comes to a formal look, but it’s trending in casuals too. So, whether it’s jeans or trousers it will go with all the mentioned bottom colors above. Just make sure when you pair blue with blue, the colors should be dark or light. If your shirt is denim then it will work with any other blue denim bottoms. We would refer this amazing and soft shirt by HERE&NOW

  • Wine Color Shirt

       A wine color shirt is best suited with either black jeans or black trousers. Other colors might bring the essence of this color down. So, pairing it right is important. You should not miss this United Colors of Benetton shirt.


P. S.  A white trouser will go well for all these shirts if you are going for a beach party. Otherwise, avoid since It will create a popping look which is not suitable for daily wear. 


  • Use The Right Products

If you are facing acne, don’t use multiple creams, or go with costly medications, just try acne pimple patch aka spot patch that heals pimples overnight. Even if you have to go outdoors, you can cover it up with any cream as it is concealable.

  • Always Carry These

There is pollution and bacteria out there, apart from wearing a mask you should always carry the waterless face wash to instantly wash your face and clear all those impurities from your face without the use of water.

  • Follow These

Before doing shampoo apply jadibuti hair growth oil made from naturals herbs for nourishment and better growth.

  • Style Properly

We know all you need is a strong-stylish hair hold. But nourishment is necessary even while styling. You don’t want a dry, frizzy hair or beard look. So, use this beard styling combo for all your beard needs, it includes beard oil for nourishment and a great mustache and beard wax to style your handlebars and beard easily.

For amazing hair, look try our hair styling combo that includes a hair cream when your hair is getting frizzy. The infinity hair wax for an infinite hold, and frozt hair spray to secure that hold and maintain your hairstyle all day long.


Always remember, confidence is the best thing you can wear for an attractive look. 

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