Intimate Wash for men - Why should they use?

Whenever you see a product the first thing that pops in your mind is if you really need it. And whether not buying it will affect your health, hygiene, or lifestyle. Well, that is a human tendency, there, we will tell you why you need intimate washes and how can it really help.

Being boys, there are very less discussions or advertisements telling you to buy intimate washes. The study shows that most men still prefer plain water or soap. It might be working for you, but there are underlying problems and uncomfortability caused due to it. And for the readers, who don’t like to read much, trust us,this blog is really interesting, you will definitely like it. So, without further delay let’s jump to the details.

Presenting a blog about all that you need to know about intimate wash for men.



This is the most common problem, not just in girls but also in men. This generally happens when you skip bathing and don’t clean the area.Yes, it can also happen if you are taking regular baths, but washing the area with soap, or using chemicals, or wearing unwashed clothes. Other reasons could be lack of moisturization, itchiness after shaving due to the new hair roots,and also, wearing tight clothes.



Now since we are talking about itchiness, we should also know what might be the reason behind it. Apart from the reasons discussed above, yeast infection is also a main cause of itchiness. You might have seen some dry white remains on your penis, yes that is yeast infection. Don’t worry,it’s common but it usually happens when you don’t wash the area daily with water. For some people, it requires more than one time in a day.



I know you all have suffered from this. Especially, when you are all excited about your date knowing what will happen the next day. Aftershave, due to hard hair growth of the pubic hair, the roots often come the next day which causes itching and irritation. We know the situation gets more horrifying than it actually sounds.


As summers begin to show their heat, sweat becomes a daily problem. But it gets worse when the private it’s all over the private area. Itis the most uncomfortable scenario. The situation in which you might be at a meeting, or in a class in college, yet all your attention is on the little droplets surrounding your precious.



This is something that often creates a hurdle especially when you know you are about to get intimate. Generally, the foul smell is when you are having alcohol and urinate, or there might be the presence of bacteria in your urine. But there are also situations when due to sweat or yeast infections, even urine infections, the smell arises.



About this, the name says it all. Do you feel it? Because we surely imagined that burning sensation while just reading the title. Well,tight clothes, uncomfortable undies, excess use of tissues, it all leads to irritation.All I can say is, it needs to breathe.


Now, we know you all would relate to this. You might not accept it when a friend asks you, but you surely know inside your mind about how these problems made you suffered at least once in a while. It’s okay to have these problems, just like other parts of the body even your private area deserves and needs care and attention.Therefore, this intimate wash is designed in a way to help you deal with all these problems.

Let us tell you how!



 The PH level of our intimate areas is different. That is the reason that soaps or other chemicals react badly to our private parts. These small things make the area sensitive.This intimate wash maintains the PH level and neutralizes the effect of cleaning agents due to which it creates no itchiness or irritation.



The issue with itching and irritation is sometimes due to dryness. Moisturizers sometimes block the pores due to which the skin gets dull and dry. Therefore, Urbangabru has designed this intimate wash with a hydrating formula. The weather in India is something that was also the reason to introduce an intimate wash for men in India.



 Foam-based washes,deeply remove all the bacteria causing yeast infections, itchiness, or other skin problems. Also, they are much more easy-to-use and require less usage of product and more water. This leads to more skin hydration for a clean, hygienic effect. This is the reason our product might be the best intimate wash for men in India.



Since this intimate hygiene wash for men removes bacteria,therefore, the bad smell causing due to this also decreases. This intimate wash is made with natural ingredients, so all that you smell is essential oils, noperfume substances. And hence, your private area will also smell nice without causing any irritation.



The fear of not using intimate washes is mostly due to the ingredients it contains which may cause side effects. But yes, this intimate wash is really made with natural ingredients including tea tree oil, aloe vera & sea buckthorn oil. We are sure your reviews will say out loud that this is the best intimate wash for men.


Having second thoughts? Why would we recommend you something, especially for private areas, when we ourselves have faced those issues. Trust us we know they are devastating situations. This is what you need, the best intimate wash.

Therefore, rely on us, and don’t be scared, this product is worth your buy!

A Gabru doesn’t fear, he breaks the boundaries!