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04 Mar 2021
Urbangabru Acne Pimple Patch Blog


There might be numerous times when you typed in google of ''how to remove pimples for men'', ''acne treatment'' and other such questions. 


Waking up in the morning just to see that little pimple on the face, isn’t really a good start. Especially when there are events to attend or meetings to organize. We all have tried to cover it with make-up or applied creams and medication to it. And mostly, well they don’t work. You end up with a giant pimple scar in the end. The major part of it is, for men, there aren’t many options that are discussed or advertised. All they focus on is on fairness creams, face washes, and of course shaving products. But UrbanGabru does understand your struggle with pimples. For oily skin, we totally understand the pain.

So, here is a blog about all you need to know for treating acne. Introducing a safe, quick, and easy treatment for pimples that actually work- UrbanGabru Acne Pimple Patch


A lot of people think that pimples are just the result of dust and dirt mixed with excess oil on your face. But there’s more to it. Just like using the right product, it is also equally important to know the cause of your pimple and its types. So, yes if you have oily skin or tend to get dust on your face very often then that might be a reason. But with the cure, we will also recommend a prevention- UrbanGabru Waterless Facewash allows you to wash your face anytime, anywhere with no water. This keeps your skin clean and less prone to bacteria causing pimples.

The second reason might be your diet, eating food that is too spicy and creates more heat in your body can result in huge red pimple bumps. To avoid it, you can drink lots of water, coconut water could be an add-on. Make sure, you balance your diet with curd or yogurt that will cool diet your stomach.

Other reasons could be some reaction to your existing medication or allergies. Make sure you check with the doctor if the pimples increase over the month especially in a particular area.

Once you know the cause, it will be easy to identify if you require medical help or not.


We all know that just getting rid of the pimple bump isn’t the only concern. The time it takes to heal it, and especially the pimple scar it leaves later is in fact the major concern. So,

·        Our pimple patch includes hydrocolloid liquid that absorbs sebum from your pimple.

·         It deeply unclogs and the pores and prevents dust from entering the open pore of your pimple.

·        The pimple gets completely healed overnight. The best part about this acne patch is that it doesn’t leave     any pimple scar.

·        Your skin will feel completely healthy and clear the next day.

·         Also, it doesn’t leave your skin dry, so no cause for irritation either.

·        Our product is paraben and sulfate-free, therefore, no harm to your skin.

·         UrbanGabru Acne Pimple Patch is carefully made for men and it is suitable for all skin types.

·         Now for the special part, if you are outdoors, or maybe at an event. These acne pimple patches can be       easily covered with a concealer. What more can you expect? Isn’t it amazing? And don’t worry about           sweat, it is surely water-resistant.

So now, whenever the ''how to get rid of pimples'' question pop in your mind, you know what to do.


Before telling you the steps to use it, you must know that this pimple patch is so transparent that it is hardly noticeable.

·        The first step would be to wash your face with lukewarm water. You can use our waterless face wash if     you are outdoors.

·        Pat dry with a towel. If you are using tissues, let your face completely dry after you wipe the water off.

·        Take the pimple spot patch and apply it only on the acne.

·        Press it against your pimple. Be careful not to be too hard, but make sure it is properly secured.

·        Leave overnight; you can carry on with your day and cover the acne pimple patch with a concealer.

·        Remove the acne pimple patch after the designated time.

·        Wash your face and see your clear, bright skin.




Pimples might be a cause due to some underlying disease, your eating habits, or just because of not washing your face enough. If you really want the pimples to go away without a scar, don’t pick on it. Pimples are also a part of adolescence. It might feel bad to look at your face while you have pimples, but always remember it is your personality that matters.

Never lose your confidence due to any scars, pimples, or even your complexion. Looks do matter in the outer world. But a dashing personality just scores over it. So, be a Gabru and never let people make you feel any less of yourself.

Wait to see our next blog on styling hacks for men.

Till then, Break the Boundaries!

Our products are also available on Amazon and Flipkart. 

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