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Beginner with Beards

09 Dec 2020

Adolescence - that phase in life when boys experience hormonal changes that help in transitioning from boyhood to manhood. Along with these hormonal and biological changes, certain boys may see a spurt in the growth of facial hair. This is normal. For those teens experiencing facial hair growth, and also for those who are taking those first steps of beard maintenance, here are a few tips that are sure to help.

1. Even before you think of growing a beard, there’s much planning required. And this begins with understanding your face/bone structure to help know which beard-type suits you best. A long and narrow beard sits well on a long face while a square or wide face calls for a fuller beard.


2. Give your beard time. It won’t grow overnight. Nourish your stubble on a daily basis and let it do its work. There is no short or fast method to grow one’s beard. Patience is key!


3. You need to be in control of your beard from the get-go. Being lazy will just result in a mop-like mass on your face as compared to a trimmed perimeter which makes one look clean and groomed. 


4. Like everything else, growing a beard needs help in the form of supplements. To boost growth and ensure that your beard is nourished, use a beard oil. To keep that mane smooth and free from dandruff, use a beard conditioner


Let’s delve deeper into the fourth point - beard supplements. As mentioned, you need to help that beard of yours grow! And this can be done using beard oils, conditioners, and other such beard serums. However, when choosing these supplements, be sure to go with brands that use superior-quality ingredients that are free of chemicals. This reminds one of Urbangabru, a men’s personal grooming brand that offers a range of beard care products that are made from all-natural ingredients. 


Take the beard oil, for instance, it contains essential oils of Almond, Black Seed, and Vitamin E. This beard oil for men nourishes, hydrates, strengthens, and conditions. It prevents beard itch and is great for beginners. Then there’s Beard Growth Oil Booster from Urbangabru. Using this oil will boost faster growth. It contains oils from Coconut, Argan, Amla, Jojoba, Grape Seed, Almond, Tea Tree, and Olive. It also contains herbs like Bramhi, Shankapushpi, Cuscus Grass, and Bhringraj. This oil works on all types of beards and promises great results. 


While this topic is exclusively for those who are just starting to grow a beard, it would be unfair to not talk about maintenance for those who already have a beard. Yes, for all you men who have beards, the beard oil and beard growth booster oil from Urbangabru will work on your mane too. Apart from this, you can go for the Urbangabru Beard Wax to help style your beard and the Beard Color to help cover grey and patchy areas. Once again, all of the beard care products from Urbangabru are made from 100% natural ingredients and hence safe on the skin. Make your way to the Urbangarbu website and shop for these products right away. The brand prides itself in providing innovative products that are made from the best of ingredients.


Urbangabru (UG Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd) is your ‘go-to’ place when it comes to men’s grooming. Since it’s foray into the men’s grooming industry in India, it has been providing 25+ products, each designed to meet the ever-increasing demands across the male grooming scene. We at Urbangabru understand the need to excel and our brand statement ‘Break the Boundaries’ reinforces our commitment to stand out in the crowd. Shop from our catalogue of 100% natural products today and unleash the Gabru in you!


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