UrbanGabru Charcoal Face Wash with Apple Cider Vinegar forPimple/Acne control and clear Glowing Skin

Que: My skin is oily and white spotcan I use

Ans: Yes.
Que: This face wash remove tan

Que: If I use this facewash aftershaving it will create any side effect or not??
Ans: No.

Que:Is it parabens and sls free?
Ans: Yes

Que:Does it close my open pores and blackheads and whiteheads?


UrbanGabru CharCoal Peel Off Mask 

Que Will this remove pimples marks?
Ans: No, it removes black heads.

Que Does it remove blackheads??

Ans: Yes.

Que  How long one tube last?
Ans:  Once in a week, or depends on you face requirement, thrice a
 month is recommended.

Que It would tighten the pores?

Ans: Yes.

UrbanGabru Insta Glow Fairness Cream with Anti pimple and SPF 50


Que: Is it good for oily skin?
Ans:  Yes.

Que: It is good for summer

Ans: Yes itssunscreen lotion.

Que: Is it give us glowing faceand fairness
Ans:  yes also prevents from tan.

Que: Is it good for sensitive anddry skin type?

Ans: Yes.

UrbanGabru Vitamin C Serum for face with hyaluronic acid, AloeVera extract and grape seed extract 30 ml

Que: Is it also useful to untanyour skin
Ans:  Vitamin c is somehow helpful in improvingskin complexion

Que: Does it remove black heads npimples
Ans:  No, but it can help to remove the leftovermarks on the face when used for a longer period of time.

Que: Can anyone tell me thepercentage of Vitamin C in this product and is it chemical free
Ans:  60%

Que: Can i use this withdarmaroller

Ans: Yes.

UrbanGabru Hair Wax : Zero to Infinity- Strong Hold | Volume |Hair Style

Que: Can I use oil after applying wax?
Ans:  No.

Que: This product 100 percent natural?

Ans: NO.

Que: Will it hold hair for 4-5hours.
Ans:  Yes.

Que: Does it work on smooth andsilky hairs?

Ans: Yes.

UrbanGabru Frozt Hair Spray Extreme Hold.

Que: Does this spray cause hairfall.

Ans: When you useit daily it is harmful for your hair so use only special events.               
Que: Can I apply this after straight?
Ans:  You can.

Que: Will I lose the hold once Istart sweating??
Ans:  NO.

Que: Can I call use the spraywhen hair is wet?

Ans: Yes.

UrbanGabru Apple Cider Vinegar Hair Mask for hair growth&hairfall control

Que: Can we use itfor styling, Apply it and go out?

Ans: No.
Que: Can I use hairoil after using urban gabru hair mask
Ans:  yes.

Que: Does it make hair growth from this?
Ans:  No, itmakes silky and shiny.

Que: Can we use this on scalp?

Ans: Yes.

UrbanGabru Natural Onion shampoo for hair strengthening &hairfallcontrol.

Que: Is this shampoo fix grey hair problem?

Ans: No.
Que: For alopecia problems can we use this shampoo?
Ans:  No.

Que: Is it effective on straighthair?
Ans:  No.

Que: I have oily scalp. How oftendo I have to use it??

Ans: 3 times aweek.

UrbanGabru100% natural Onion Oil for hair growth and skin care 250 ml


Que:Is itworks in bald headed man?

Ans:  I don't think it will work.

Que:How much time it take to stop hair fall n start hairgrowth?

Ans:  Please try for a minimum of threeweeks to notice a difference.

Que:How often do you use it in a week
Ans:  3 times a week?

Que:Doesdis oil has onion smell?

Ans:  Yes, little bit

UrbanGabruHair Growth Serum oil with Castor oil - Hair fall control oil for Men &Women

Que: I am17th can I use this product

Ans:  Yes you can. As there are noharmful ingredients in this serum.
Que: Does this oil helps in growingthe hairs also or only reduces the hair fall?

Ans:  Yes

Que: Can we use this product overnight daily?

Ans:  Yes.

Que: Can i used for solve hair receding?

Ans:  Yes.

UrbanGabruDeodorant for men with 48hr protection 150 ml.

Que: Is this is original deo?

Ans:  Yes.

Que: Is it for men?

Ans:  Yes.

Que: Stopunderarms unwanted sweet?

Ans:  Yes.

UrbanGabruCharcoal body wash with avocado & Indian alkanet root - Activated CharcoalShower Gel


Que: Can I use for face?

Ans:  No. useUrbangabru face wash.
Que: Is it for women?

Ans:  Yes.
Que: Can I mix Epsom salt wit thisbody wash??
Ans:  You can.

Que: Canwe also applied it in hair?

Ans:  Yes.

UrbangabruLip Balm/Scrub For Lightening & Brightening Dark Lips with shea butter,beeswax & vitamin-E

Que: I have already pink lips butsometimes it turns a bit black coz of hookah can I use it even though I havepink lips.
Ans:  You can use best for Dark lips.

Que: Is itparaben free?

Ans:  Yes.

Que: My lips became black due to smoking. Will this cure them nbring back my original lips?Yes.

And how manytimes should I use it n how much time will this take?         

Ans:  Daily 2 times.

UrbanGabruHair Serum for Men & Women - Heat Protectant


Que: Please tell me this serum is good for thin hair.

Ans:  Yes it is good for thin hair.
Que: Is it a good heat protectant?
Ans:  Yeah it is quite good.

Que: Can I use hair oil after hair serum?

Ans:  Yes.

Que: Please tell me dandruff reducing

Ans:  No.

UrbanGabruCold Pressed Castor Oil for hair, dry skin -100%


Que: Canit regrow lost hairs on scalp and hair line receding?

Ans:  No.
Que: Is it preservative and chemicalfree oil?
Ans:  Nothing can be chemical free.

Que: CanI mix it with coconut oil and use it?
Ans:  Yes.

Que: Is itreally helpful for beard, eyebrows or eyelashes?

Ans:  Yesdaily use of the soil at that time really helps to thicken eyebrows andeyelashes.

Urbangabru Beard & Moustache Wax for strong hold 50gm.

Que: Its clay or sticky wax?

Ans:  Clay.
Que: Does it contain alcohol? On theingredients list does the fragrance contain any involvement of alcohol?

Ans:  No.
Que: Doesthis product give strong hold on long beard and moustache?

Ans:  Yes.
Que: Can I use the beard wax after using the beard oil? Likeusing the beard oil and then applying the beard wax for holding and styling?

Ans:  Probably not a good idea. Not onlywould it give a pretty strong smell, it would probably be very annoying toclean off at the end of the day.

UrbanGabru BeardOil 

Que: I have beard only on jaw... Will it help to growbeard on other areas of my face??

Ans:  YesI had a patchy beard and I used it for a month the results are amazing. I havea full grown beard.
Que: How many days it takes for growth on a plain skin??

Ans:  Youshould use it for one-two months for results
Que:How to use it?

Ans:  Just take one or two drops on yourpalms and apply it on your beard and skin every morning after bath