Just watch the this video ” Mumbai Girls on Beard”

You will agree with us on this…

At times we all have wondered “what does girls think of bearded men? Should we grow beard .. Will girls like it.”And specially what about Indian girls “Does Indian beard turns them on? ” Do girls find it sexy or hot?”.There are so many questions. We were wondering how would we find the answers to these.

We came up with this simple solution….

Its best to go and ask the girls directly about beards . So we went out on streets of Mumbai and asked the girls. We got some interesting , amazing, funny and weird answers but we got the conclusion. If you are wondering what’s the answer. No need to worry while asking the question we also recorded it for you so that you could watch it later. Can’t wait to get the reaction of girls on beard.

Now you got the answer right?

Obviously girls Love beard but it does not mean just grow and leave it.You will have to groom, trim and shape it which looks best on your face and jaw line. We will talk about all these in some other post and tell you about it on our Youtube channel. For now just know that its always better to have beard than being clean shaven.

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