Does beardo growth oil works ?
I too had the same question when i heard about it first. As all the science is working
on this and how come these guys come up with such a thing.

So I started finding the answer like you all must be finding. But don’t worry we have
got the answer.

As we all know beard growth depends on how much hair follicles a person has on his face,
which depends on genetics.

So does applying any beard oil or taking any pills would increase your beard growth by any chance.
lets find out.

The first thing is there is no scientific research paper patented for beard growth with any oil
or pills.
So there is no such beard oil that would increase your follicles on your skin.

So what is beard oil?

Beard oil is used for grooming beard not for growing. So if you have a beard you should use it just like
you use hair oils for your head hair.

Still we bought a beardo hair growth oil and did some research on its ingredients and also used it to
find the truth.

we found that the ingredients are not good and beardo company is ordering the fake beardo growth oil
from China through They are buying it from there, make a little bit of logo change  and are

selling triple the price here

Below is the link for the alibaba site where the product is available for 1 to 3 $.

This truth was devastating.

Just to make money the company is selling fake products from china.

and people are buying it

We also saw the amazon review how the company is using fake reviews and the real verified reviews are just 1 star.

For better understanding and spreading the truth we made a video do watch it and share it to more and more people

so to grow awareness and people don’t waste money on waste products.



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