Does beard really matters to attract women

From ancient time beard is considered to be a sign of manliness, Power,brave-heart and wildness. Raja and maharaja used to have beard to show that they are the authority and power. certainly a Man with beard looks more dominant then clean shaven.But the question right now is “Are women attracted to  bearded man”. You will find out soon continue reading.

Bearded Men and attraction

Women are hardwired to get attracted to men who look dominating and powerful. But as we know not all women are same because they have been raised in different cultures.In some culture man with beard are considered good while in some culture clean shaven and simple guys are considered good.The concepts of masculinity are very different between cultures and ethnicity.


It really depends on what the girl is looking for, what looks best on the guy, and what context both people are in. So just generalizing that the all girls are attracted to beard would be like saying all Men are attracted to hot and wild women.There are men who like sweet and simple women.But on an average most women prefer guy with beard rather than clean shaven.Women like Fawad Khan and Virat Kholi bearded looks because they have a well groomed beard and a beard that suits their face. So the answer is pretty simple it totally depends on the guy if he is able to maintain and groom his beard then obviously the girls will like the bearded guy.

Should you grow it to be attractive

Now you might be asking your self should I grow beard to look attractive.I would say be a man and grow it and try different styles to check which suits you because on any day a bearded man is always better and more attractive than a clean shaven boy.And you know a spicy and hot woman needs a man not a boy.Be wild and dominating man by growing awesome beard and attract women who loves beard because these women make your relationship spicy.

But for sure its not for every one there are guys who who will always remain boys and cannot become men and they also have girls who are simple and no masala (spice). So as I said earlier to have a beard or not is totally depends on what the girl is looking for, what looks best on the guy.Continue reading if your type is spicy hot.


Now how to groom beard

As you have decided to attract the women who loves beard , you should know how to groom the beard. By just having beard isn’t enough to get your dream girl. If you want beard then grow it like a real man and maintain it. For more details on grooming beard read the blog simple tips to awesome indian beard grooming.


In conclusion I would say if you have read till this far then you should definitely grow beard and get the killer looks you want.

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