How to approach a Indian girl . We Indian men are always confused about this question. Just watch the video if you don’t want to read.

As we know Indian culture is very different from the western culture and the dating style is completely opposite .

The country where the concept of arrange marriages is preferred over Love marriage

The idea of approaching and dating sometimes looks strange.

But as the time is changing and people are now more open to the idea of dating than before especially girls . So the question “how to approach a girl India” doesn’t seems strange anymore

But Still we have many young Men who are completely unaware of the idea that they can approach girls these days and we will help you to do that.

So how to approach Indian girl.

Be Confident
Have a good personality
Be charming
Have a sense of humour
That’s it these four tips will change your game for ever.

Lets elaborate each point.

Be confident : Come on every body knows this but still everybody doesn’t look confident. So your manliness by begin confident ,don’t be shy just talk like a man and stay clam don’t over thing what to talk , and start talking naturally what ever comes in your mind.

2. Have a good personality : Have a good dressing sense . If you have a six pack abs but no dressing sense no girl is going to get attracted to you . So don’t worry about six pack abs . Just focus on your personality like be in shape and a good dressing sense .

3. Be charming : Just be a charming guy , Don’t be some creepy guy. Some people get confused . They don’t understand what charming is . In simple words be a likeable person that any one would like may it be a man or a women . Don’t try to hard to impress and don’t be rude just play in middle and be your self . You will become charming

4. Have a sense of humour: It doe’s not mean to crack a joke every time , You are not a comedian just don’t be to serious and take things lightly . when ever possible make her laugh by your sense of humour like you would do with your friends . Its not that hard if you try too hard then it won’t work. Just be a simple funny guy not a comedian.

So following these steps would definitely help you . You would not get confused about “How to approach a girl in India”

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