Rs 1,200.00 Rs 849.00
Free Shipping No Harmful Chemicals Innovative Products

Rs 1,200.00Rs 849.00
Free Shipping No Harmful Chemicals Innovative Products

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ZERO TO INFINITY HAIR WAX: This is a clay hair wax that is made of mostly natural products. It gives you the desired hairstyle in a matter of minutes. It is quick and easy to apply and it sticks around all day as it has a stronghold. The wax can be used on any length. Be it short, long or medium, the gel can hold up any length of hair. The wax is not oily and leaves a simple but classic matte finish after usage. After you are done, it is also easy to remove as well. You don’t need to wash it multiple times or worry about any residue after washing your hair. The wax consists of natural and organic ingredients such as Vitamin E & Earth Clay. This adds fullness to hair fibres and gives the hair some volume. Further, almond oil restores natural hair oil back in the hair, so that it doesn’t dry out. 

 HAIR SPRAY: This hair spray helps to maintain your hairstyle and seal in your application. Designed scientifically to work with the UrbanGabru clay hair wax, the seal and control product contains special resins that will help bond the clay wax to your hair and also help maintain your hairstyle. Makes your naturally looking thicker hair last longer. Natural aloe vera extract. the spray also has the added benefit of aloe vera extract making the hair soft and healthy.

HAIR CREAM: This hair cream is for daily use for men. It has the goodness of a hair oil without being too sticky on the hair. This cream also moisturizes the hair effectively. Overall, it makes your hair vibrant and healthy. Additionally, it is also great for treating damaged and dry hair by making it soft and moisturized. It has extracts of Coconut, Aloe vera and Lupine protein. There are no harmful chemicals in this product, so it keeps your hair safe





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