About Us

Traditionally, grooming and fashion have long been associated with females. Men’s grooming and fashion was rather a taboo topic and those who dared to push the envelope were often stereotyped. It wasn’t until 2005 when a renowned Indian cosmetic brand launched the first ever men’s fairness cream. Since then, there’s been no looking back - the men’s grooming industry in India has seen tremendous growth. Today, men look beyond deodorants,shaving and basic hygiene products. They want more!

Tapping into the men’s personal grooming industry, UrbanGanbru’s mission revolved around creating a platform to unite men from all walks of life, and disseminate knowledge pertaining to male grooming, fashion, and style.But the dream wasn’t just limited to this. Urban Gabru’s core mission was to create a brand that focused exclusively on Men’s Lifestyle. Today, Urban Gabru provides innovative grooming products ranging from beard oil to hair styling products and a host of personal care products, designed to deal with everyday grooming problems faced by Indian men.