We often mess up things and take regretting decisions in life due to just a lack of confidence. It’s even harder this time when all you do is sit at home, do your work, eat and sleep. When you have forgotten to do dress-up when you have stopped looking at your face and grooming needs.

Times may be harsh but your confidence needs a boost every now and then. If you are thinking about, why should you do it since there is no one to see all that. Yes, we do dress up to dazzle in the outer world, but just remember, first you do it for yourself. So that each time you look in that mirror you feel proud, happy, and confident about your appearance.

And trust us it’s not the color, shape, or size. What matters is your personality. Therefore, to all those people with gray hair, here’s something for you.

If you still remember those good old days when you walked in style, or maybe when you were all shy but that girl noticed you at a party. For all those days, it's time to feel that younger self.

Presenting Urbangabru hair and beard color shampoo.


- Developer shampoo

- Hair and beard color shampoo

- Gloves

1- Open the box of hair color shampoo and take out the gloves first.
2- Wear them properly so your hands don’t get dirty.
3- You will find two bottles in the pack, beard color shampoo and shampoo developer.
4- Pour equal amounts of both the bottles into a small bowl according to your beard length.
5- Mix them well and apply thoroughly to your beard.
6- Massage well for 3min, then let it stay for at least 15min.
7- Wash properly with cold running water.


·        Covers gray strands: Providing you with a hair color shampoo that offers 100% gray hair coverage without leaving any small or enclosed areas.

·        Saves time: This shampoo hair color is a simplified solution to color in minutes. Just take both shampoo and developer shampoo in equal amounts, mix them well, apply on the gray area, massage, and rinse well.

·        Long-lasting: This instant hair color shampoo is formulated with natural ingredients and does not contain ammonia. The shampoo for hair color is made in a way to effectively color the hair and provide a long-lasting result.

·        Safe to use: This beard shampoo color is a unique and safe solution and does not have harmful ingredients that stain or damage the skin.

·        Vitamin C enriched: The product is formulated with the essence of vitamin C that also reduces any bacterial growth in the scalp or beard.

·        A quick tip: It is recommended to perform a skin allergy test on a small part 24 hours before the first use of this beard color shampoo. It is suitable for all skin types but excluding particular skin allergies.

·        2in1 pack: This is not just a hair color shampoo instead both hair and beard color shampoo. It comes with two bottles out of which one is the developer shampoo while the other is shampoo. It offers the appeal of natural-looking hair.

·        Silk protein: Often many colors cause irritation, frizziness, and dryness. This product contains silk protein that nourishes the strands so that even after coloring your hair or beard does not get dry, frizzy, or cause any irritation.


You might have ignored your gray hair or beard since the lockdown. In fact, most people accept that they are getting older and think that it’s not important to groom themselves. They lose confidence and stop going to events, or they just give a presence without being their real self.

For all those people out there, let the child in you always stay. The child that still wants to groom. Feel your younger self.

Even for people who have colored their beard or hair, if you decide that it’s time you get that natural black tone. Then don’t be afraid, this hair and beard color shampoo does not give a color that will look weird, artificial, or too dark according to the hair. It will blend in properly and provide a natural appeal.

Urbangabru hair and beard color shampoo is our recent innovation that is the safest way of coloring your hair without the involvement of ammonia. Your answer to an instant hair color shampoo in India is here. Enriched with beneficial ingredients it offers you the richness of vitamin C and silk protein for natural-looking hair. Get this long-lasting hair color shampoo and say goodbye to gray hair. Stop searching for ‘’instant hair color shampoo India’’, or ‘’best instant hair color shampoo India’’, your product is right here.

Also, the amount that you get in this hair color shampoo can color your hair 5 times and beard 12 times. It’s a total win-win situation. You also don’t need to rush for gloves, they are already in the package.

Apart from all this just remember, the point of coloring is not because you look bad, it’s just like you cut your hair once in a while, similarly, you cover your gray hair. Feeling confident in your own body is important, but it’s even better if you feel it properly.

Don’t ignore your needs as age doesn’t obligate your desire of looking amazing.

Urbangabru cares for your needs. Therefore, it’s time to color your hair and break those stereotypical boundaries around you.